Susanne Chui and Jennifer Dallas in “War Brides and Mayonnaise Cakes” by Susan Kendal and Lindsay Zier-Vogel, 2004.

Costuming is the lovely collision of two things Pocket Alchemy designer Susan Kendal adores: sewing and dance! She fell into this work in a right-place-right-time moment at the age of 19 and has been costuming dance ever since, while work in theatre and film followed eventually. Costuming has proved a most excellent parallel career to her dance work and has slowly but surely become the thing she does more than anything else as a independent contractor in dance and theatre.

“Designing costumes is story telling in the same way that a writer or a director tells a story. The right set may help the actor to create the character, but costume designers do so in a physical, intimate way. Our work goes directly to bringing forth the personality that is written on the page. As costume designers we get under a character’s skin the way an actor does.” – Jeffrey Kurland, designer for 15 Woody Allen films and numerous

Costuming for Contemporary Dance

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Costuming for Theatre

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Costuming for Film

Below you’ll find the music video for Christa Couture’s “Parasite.” Directed by Adam Garnet Jones and produced by Big Soul Productions, 2012.



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