Pointy Things and Bacon Pants

It’s autumn. It’s almost halloween. It’s my faaaaaavourite time of year, without a doubt! For many reasons beyond the usual sewing and mothering commitments life is moving at bewilderingly fast pace. But I am determined to make costumes for my boys — because who knows how long they’ll let me? And it gives me so much pleasure! Here’s a peek at what’s in progress …

As far as the pointy things go, I’ve made a Garden Gnome Hat and a Candy Corn Treat-or-Treat bag. The bag pattern is courtesy of the brilliant Purl Bee, you should try it. Easy as pie to follow and what a charming result!

The gnome hat will top off a certain little 1-year-old Garden Gnome costume on the big night. I’m excited to see Gene tottling along, he’s the perfect height for a wee gnome. And I have to admit I was stumped on what he should be til I jokingly put the candy corn bag on his head and thought “gnome!”

And Mr. 4-and-a-half-year-old Rudi (the half is very important to include I have learned) is going as Bacon and Eggs. I’ve made the pants, they’re bacon pants. And I’m feeling quite smug about them because they are AWESOME! Will include some finished costuming when I get there, til then, back to the machine …


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