Quilting Challenge: March

In the continuation of my 2012 Quilting Challenge to myself I present my March quilting pattern, the acorn! It’s joined here in birth order by leaf and apple, January and February’s offerings respectively.

One more pattern to use on my quilts and burping pads, done.

I love nuts. That sounds a bit wrong but I’ll leave it, cause it’s true! I don’t remember ever seeing a chestnut or an acorn on the ground in Alberta, but they’re everywhere here in Ontario! And while the colour and texture of a chestnut is fantastic, it’s a bit of a blob when it comes to outlining it, not so inspiring. But an acorn, what a charmer! A lovely shape, makes me think of gnomes and chipmunks and quiet, mossy spaces.

I love this acorn in it’s singular context. I might dial the detail down a bit more when using it on a quilt or a burping pad, not sure that the crosshatching is entirely necessary in a different context. Anyways I’m really enjoying this 12-part challenge. Something to look forward to and muse upon. Now I get to cook up April’s quilt …

2 thoughts on “Quilting Challenge: March

  1. The only oaks I knew of in my old neighbourhood just threw down leaves, never any nuts–but I always thought those leaves were pretty exotic. Then, when I’ve visited Toronto in autumn, the ground was absolutely COVERED in them. I’ve still never seen or held a real, natural-born acorn though. Next visit, will you help me find some, Rudi? Anyhow I really like the idea of acorns, probably because of that saying about great oaks growing from them! Is your 2012 quilt going to be entirely botanical, Suz, or is it anybody’s guess at this point? Quilted love!!

    1. We will totally find acorns next time you’re here! And as for botanical, hmmm, I hadn’t even thought about it. Thanks for pointing that out! At the moment, anybody’s guess … but I think I’ll try to vary it beyond the natural. There has to be a heart shape of course!

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